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Wrangler Jeans Reviews

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  • jeans wearing out too fast

    I have been buying wrangler relaxed fit U jeans in size 38x30 for years. Over the past couple of years I have been having issues with the belt loop above the right side of the left rear pocket popping off. Additionally the right side of the left rear pocket will tear out as in a more recent case when i was at work and sat down to put on Lab booties (I have a sit down job) and the jeans tore out so bad I had to go to the bathroom with packing tape and cob a repair on them so i could get through the evening at work. Fortunately I wear a Lab coat so no one could see. Anyway, I have thrown out... More...
  • Poor jean quality

    The back pockets are tearing at the rivets on the Wrangler blue jeans. Been wearing them for many many years (50 or more) with no problems but now seems every pair tears after only being worn a few times. Looking at some old jeans that don't tear it appears that the hole where the rivet goes was sewn around like a button hole but doesn't appear this is still the case. I see I'm not the only one with this problem. More...
  • Poor Rivet/rivet hole Construction on rear pockets

    This is the 12th pair of Wrangler Cowboy Cut jeans (936DEN & 13MWZPW) that have pulled rivets from top of the back pockets. My husband has worn nothing but wrangler jeans for 39 years! We have replaced 9 pair of these but are having trouble with the last 3 pair as your Wrangler Rep, Bill (from the Dallas area) has not come through Abilene to the Farm & Ranch Western Wear Store where we left the last three pair to be checked by him. They replaced 3 other pair, but thought your rep needed to check these last three. The Academy store gave us no trouble in their replacements, but we are... More...
  • wrangler carpenter jeans

    In December, I purchased two pair of Lee (Loose Straight Leg and Relaxed Straight) and one pair of Wrangler (Carpenter) jeans for my husband, to replace the same Lees and Wranglers that had torn in the last year. Now, all of the new jeans have torn in the area of the inside corner of the rear pocket within just a couple of wearings. I intended to simply throw them away and replace them again, but when I went online to purchase new jeans, I immediately saw repeated customer reviews complaining of the same problem. This obviously must be a manufacturing problem. I would a like the jeans... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Wrinkles and poorly made

    My boyfriend has been buying the same jeans for work for years and in the last couple of years they are just horribly made first of all ever seam is messed up or overlapping and the cuffs are not even close to even. But recently I bought him 3 pair at Orchlen farm store which fyi are about 6 bucks higher than wal mart across the street but was hoping the quality would be better what a joke. got them home to wash them 2 pair were missing a button and one pair had not belt loops so I went back to the store and exchanged them for the least defective pairs myself and the salesperson could find... More...
  • Tearing Jeans

    I'm now on my third pair of Wrangler 13MWZ Cowboy Cut® Original Fit Jean - Stonewash Finish that have malfunctioned at the exact same place. A tear starts at the pocket rivet, then eventually tears right along side the pocket. This is three pairs in less than a year. I have worn Wranglers faithfully for years because of the quality, appearance and durability. I'm beginning to think I may need to change brands. The first pair tearing I chalked up to the fact that I had gained a little weight over the holidays and stretched them too much. However the second and third pair fit... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Bad Jeans

    I purchased a pair of Wrangler jeans about 3 months ago. I was bending over to tie my shoe and they ripped from the crotch along the zipper to the top. I have a picture if needed. I was shocked at the quality of these jeans. I have been buying Wranglers forever. But, I am very disappointed in the quality and substance of your jeans these days. I think I will be switching to Faded Glory's. They are getting better in quality and cheaper in price. I never fill these things out but this really shocked me because I had such faith in Wrangler. Also, when I research for Wrangler Jeans... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Defective Jeans

    This is the second pair of Wrangler Jeans I purchased. The problem is that they tear right next to the pocket. The first pair tore there about two months ago. The second pair was found torn yesterday. The tear is vertical and it runs right next to the pocket. The first pair was on the right. The second was also on the right and a tear was starting on the left. Both were purchased at Walmart and the second pair is roughly 6 months old. The first pair was disposed of a few weeks ago. This is the info off of the tag on the second pair. 97601SB 34 X 30 RAS-R445-014 672787902657 The... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)


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